Tempur-Pedic Ergo Adjustable Base with TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze Mattress

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  • Brand Tempur-Pedic

Full description

Experience the Tempur-Pedic Ergo Adjustable Base with TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze Mattress to see what adjustable beds can do for your night's sleep.

Combine the TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze mattress with the TEMPUR Ergo System for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience. The TEMPUR Ergo System puts you in control of your sleep environment. This adjustable base allows an unlimited number of ergonomic rest positions for your Tempur-Pedic mattress. The wired remote lets you control movement from the comfort of your bed, as it electronically adjusts to your every need.

TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze adds extra coolness to help you sleep comfortably using TEMPUR-Breeze technology. Three components work together to draw moisture away from your body and dissipate excess heat to balance your temperature for a cool comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress combines the masterful mix of comfort and support famous from the TEMPUR-Rhapsody with the freshness of a cool breeze.

Ergo System Main Features

  • This package includes both the TEMPUR  Ergo  Adjustable Base and the TEMPUR-Cloud™ mattress
  • Virtually unlimited head and foot positions increase comfort, improve relaxation, help breathing and relieve stress on your lower back 
  • 70° upright angle makes it easy to read, watch TV, or use a laptop 
  • Single button to return mattress to the flat position
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Backlit buttons light up when a button is pressed for better visibility in low light environments
  • Bed can be lowered during power outage or remote failure 

TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze Mattress Main Features

  • Dual Support base provides support to the TEMPUR layers and promotes increased air circulation 
  • Matching Sand Micro Suede Foundation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Patented, one-sided design – no flipping, rotating or turning
  • Works perfectly with our TEMPUR-Ergo Adjustable Base or TEMPUR-Ergo Advanced Adjustable Base
  • Profile approximated 12"


  • 10 Years Non-Prorated

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