Bed Bug Protection

It’s time to get to know your household enemy, the bed bug.  Bed bugs are small creatures, but you won’t need a microscope to see them.  Bed bugs are typically a yellowish color, but after they have eaten they turn a dark brown/red (from the blood of their host).  These tiny insects are parasites that feed on human blood.  Bed bugs aren’t always found on a mattress, they can be found on any furniture and since they are flat they can hide in tiny crevices.  Don’t try to look for bed bugs during the day because they only come out at night.

Did you know that bed bugs don’t come from mattresses?  They are actually transferred from person to person.  So how can you protect yourself and your home from a bed bug infestation? has a bed bug mattress encasement protector as well as a bed bug boxspring protector, which is a great and simple way to keep bed bugs from making your mattress their home.  The bed bug mattress encasement protector from will not make your mattress feel any different and it may even help you sleep better since you’ll have a peace of mind knowing your mattress is protected against bed bugs.

Bed bugs might worry you when considering purchasing a new mattress, but when you order from you will be comforted knowing that no bed bugs have ever been found in our mattresses in our inventory storage facilities.  At we are very proactive with our defense against bed bugs.  Every week facilities are inspected for bed bugs by a professional exterminator.  We have also trained our employees how to inspect for bed bugs and even occasionally have a trained dog to sniff out bed bugs examine our facilities.  All of this is done to assure you that facilities are free of bed bugs.