Comfort Levels

Extra Plush

Ever dream about sleeping on a cloud? The cushiest mattresses are included in the Extra Plush category. For a pressure point-free night's sleep, they're your ticket to comfort-ville! 


Looking for a soft, comfortable surface, without too much extra fluff? Plush mattresses offer a high level of comfort, thanks to the extra layers of padding, but still have a bit of firmness to keep your body supported.


Firm mattresses too hard? Plush mattresses too soft? Then medium mattresses are just right for you! Mattresses that are neither too soft nor too hard are a great compromise for couples with different sleep preferences, or those who simply want the best of both worlds.


Enjoy sleeping outside, or watching tv from the comfort of your carpet? Mattresses in the firm category best fit those who like supportive surfaces with just a bit of cushioning for pressure relief. 

Extra Firm

Does sleeping on a soft squishy surface sound like a nightmare? These mattresses, the firmest on the market, might be just what your body craves if you prefer support to the extreme. Just keep in mind that very few mattresses are made with this level of firmness .